April 20, 2018
Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District Aleksey Vasilievich Gordeev, together with the Governor of the Kaluga Region Anatoly Dmitrievich Artamonov, got acquainted with the work of Rosva Biotechnological Complex JSC
02.2017 Konstantin Gorobtsov, the mayor of Kaluga city met with representatives of "Biotechnological Complex - Rosva" JSC and discussed with them the points of interaction of the investment enterprise with the city administration.

Lev Chernoy, the investor of "Biotechnological complex-Rosva" JSC and Vladimir Gromovik,
General Director of the enterprise attended the meeting.

They acquainted the mayor with the activities of the enterprise and told about the prospective plans.
"Biotechnological Complex - Rosva" JSC is aimed for complex development from wheat growing to its deep
processing. The volume of wheat processing after the enterprise's starts full production will be 250,000 tons
of wheat per year, and the total investment in the future is about 30 billion rubles. Wheat growing is also
expected on own plots.  The production of gluten, starch, high fructose syrup, glucose monohydrate, sorbitol,
and feed additives for various sectors of the economy will start. Most of these products are imported in Russia
today. All processes at the facility are environmentally friendly, waste-free and energy-efficient.
Konstantin Gorobtsov expressed serious interest in the successful development of this project, which is of
importance for the economy of Kaluga.

"Our city is an innovative center, where unique projects are already being developed and implemented that
contribute to the development of the national economy," the mayor said. - At the same time, agricultural
enterprises operate in our region. Therefore, we support modern innovative production, creating new jobs and
contributing to the development of the economy of Kaluga. "Biotechnological Complex - Rosva" JSC will create
a serious incentive both for the development of suburban agriculture and for the creation of new small and
medium-sized enterprises of processing the products produced by the plant.

Konstantin Gorobtsov accepted the proposal of the management of "Biotechnological Complex - Rosva" JSC
to visit the enterprise in the near future, in order to get acquainted with its activities.


An elevator complex was opened in Kaluga

Its capacity will be to process up to 250 thousand tons of wheat a year, and if necessary up to 300 thousand tones.

At the same time, it will be possible to store up to 180 thousand tons of wheat here. Now the company has 35 jobs, next year, when the complex is completely open, there will be 300 jobs. Total investment in the project is over 10 billion rubles


7.2012, Kaluga, Agreement of cooperation on placing of the biotechnological complex for deep processing of wheat in Kaluga region

The agreement of cooperation on placing of the biotechnological complex for deep processing of wheat in Kaluga region was signed today, July 23, by Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor and Vladimir Gromovik,  General Director of  ZAO Biotechnological Complex Rosva.  As REGNUM correspondent was informed in the regional governor's administration department for work with the media, the project foresees the construction of a wheat processing complex in Rosva Industrial Park with a capacity of 250,000 tons of wheat per year. The plant will produce gluten, high fructose syrup, commercial starch, feed additives, glucose monohydrate, sorbitol and citric acid.