High fructose syrup HFS

Syrup is a natural sweetener, a homogeneous, colorless, viscous odorless liquid with a pure sweet taste. HFS is obtained from wheat starch by its sequential enzymatic liquification and saccharification to high glucose content with partial isomerization of it into fructose. The concentration of dry substances in the syrup is - 77%, of which the content of fructose for dry substances is 55%, glucose - 38%.

HFS is used in the food industry as a part of food products instead of sugar in the production of soft drinks, juices, high-quality bakery products, desserts, dairy products, fruit and berry preserves, fruit fillers, sauces and much more.

The presence of free fructose in the syrup enhances fruit and other flavors, which significantly reduces the amount of flavors used in the formulations. The presence of fructose allows positioning the finished product as a partially dietary product. The properties of HFS stipulate its use in most sweet foods.

The wide distribution of HFS in developed countries indicates the effectiveness of the use of High fructose syrup in food production.


High fructose syrup HFS-55 must meet the following criteria:

Total dry substances (d.s.):
Higher sugars:
Approximate temperature: 

77%  +/- 1%
Min. 55% wt of d.s.
Min. 38% wt of d.s.
Max. 5% wt of d.s.
Max. 0.05% wt of d.s.
3.5 – 4.5
30 °C