Wheat gluten

Wheat gluten is produced from ecologically clean wheat and is a product of deep processing of wheat, obtained as a result of a complex production process which spares protein structure.

Wheat gluten is a natural complex of groups of protein substances insoluble in water and salt solutions, disengaged as an independent fraction by the separation method, followed by grinding and drying the product in a way that retain maximum of  protein natural properties.

Adding of the dry gluten can significantly improve the quality of flour obtained from poor quality wheat. Wheat gluten has a neutral taste and has the ability to absorb water more than twice of its weight. These properties make it a valuable ingredient in baking, producing breakfast cereals, and also in fish and meat products. Therefore, gluten is also used in the meat processing industry as a functional component, increasing the density and elasticity, improving the structure of the finished product.

Appearance: Non-crystalline powder without lumps and impurities, cream color

Taste and odor: neutral, without strange flavor, characteristic flour odor

Moisture  max. 8%

Protein  on d.s. basis min 82%

Food  fibre  on d.s. basis max 1,5%

Fats on d.s. basis max 1,5%

Ash on d.s. basis max 1,0%

Moisture retaining capacity min 150%

Particles size: max 1% of the remainder 0,200 mm

Microbiological points:

-Total 50000 g max.

- Yeast 500/g max

-Mold  500/ g max

-Bacteria  not defined in 1 g

- Salmonella  not defined  in 25 g