Interview of Vladimir Grigorievich Gromovik

Vestnik journal (June 2016)

Vladimir Grigorievich, do you like the year 2015? How is the project execution going on?

Last year was quiet successful for us. We managed to finish first project: we commissioned wheat storage with a possibility to store 160 thousand tons of wheat simultaneously. Construction of the complex is on schedule, but, of course we would like to step up. We are going to start commissioning and test production in November and to have full production volume of all products by the middle of 2017.

What is unique in the complex?

Lev Chernoy, the ideologist, the owner and investor of the project, the Director of the Institute of Advanced scientific research has chosen the biotechnological industry because today there are no similar enterprises in Russia. The project is unique because of the number of advanced Russian and foreign technologies and engineering solutions. Western similar plants were built before, respectively they have not been modernized for a long time. We have the newest equipment and machinery from leading manufacturers. The product range is 6 names while the world competitors manufacture up to three products. Most of the products are not produced in Russia, so this 100% import-substituting plant.  The products are used in food, textile, chemical, pulp-and- paper Industry, medical and pharmaceutical, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics and agriculture.  I would like also mention that "Biotech Rosva" is a plant of full cycle. As a first step we bought 3500 hectares of land in Meshchovskiy  district. We are going to plant wheat, forage there in order to reduce the cost price of the products. Gradually we will increase these areas.  The complex consumption is 250 thousand tons of wheat a year, with 24 hours operation. We would like to grow up to 80 thousand tons of own wheat. We are also ready to buy raw materials from Kaluga region. Some farmers have already started to adjust for us. This will give a strong impetus to the development of wheat production in the region. If the product quality is suitable, we guarantee sustainable cooperation. In general, the enterprise meets all needs of the Russian economy. The field of biotechnology itself is new. Vladimir Putin, the President repeatedly noted that it is necessary to develop this segment in the country. World market so large and growing that, in spite on the fact that there is competition, everybody will get enough space. Plus, we "push out" cheap surrogate products.

What are the most important criteria for potential employees of “Biotech Rosva”?

One of the main criteria for people shortlisting is indifference. Our employee shares the values ​​of company and knows and understands the quality policy, participates in the achievement of company goals. We need goal-oriented, energetic, people loyal to the employer. In return, we offer such working conditions where employee  clearly understands his role, feels the need and the level of the responsibility. We also give the opportunity of the potential development, occupational and leadership qualities. Business is ultimately based  on  three factors: people, products, profit. The people are first place. If there is no reliable team, the rest of the factors are not sufficient for project success.

Why did the investor choose Kaluga region for complex location?

The region follows well-thought-out policy development. Ffavorable conditions for work are created. An important factor is the proximity to largest market and huge raw materials base in the South of the Central Federal District. We have enough wheat here and the wheat prices are affordable. We have been given a good plot and all communications. The region fulfils its obligations. Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor oversees the project personally and is interested in its success. We are grateful to him for such an attitude to the business.

A high technological enterprise requires highly qualified personnel. How do you solve the personnel question?

Since the complex is unique, we really need specialists at least on technological lines. And we try to look for such people in Kaluga. But at the stage of start-up we have to invite experienced specialists from other regions as well. And we have created necessary conditions for it in Kaluga Region: a special program of compensation up to 70% of the cost of rented accommodation for the specialists from other regions. With regard to specialized educational institutions, there is a branch of the academy named after K.A. Timiryazev in Kaluga. We cooperate with the academy very closely. Tripartite agreement is signed with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture. We conduct lectures for students and take them to practice, and subsequently hire at the enterprise under this agreement. 60 people in total are working at the enterprise now. The number of the personnel is planned to be 370. And almost 90% of them will be personnel from Kaluga. The most important is that the team in our plant is selected from those people who really want to work. The project is big and interesting and employees’ attitude to it is appropriate. In the near future, we are planning to hire the employees of the production, laboratory specialists, administrative and office employees. We will also need the employees of engineering and technical services, including specialists of process automation.