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BioTech Rosva JSC was founded in 2011 as an innovative high-tech project for deep processing of wheat into food ingredients. Deep processing of wheat is an innovative solution of the XXI century for modern Russia. The initiator and owner of the project is PhD in Economics, Professor Lev Chernoy, who heads the Institute for Advanced Scientific Researches at the Social Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute specializes, among other things, in evaluating and selecting high technologies. The project meets all the needs of the Russian economy – innovations, import substitution in food raw materials and ingredients, job creation, food safety, the transition of the commodity economy towards manufacturing and high-technology one.


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The complex provides an incentive for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, since it offers a good opportunity for further processing of food ingredients produced by the facility. The project, furthermore, is a major step towards agricultural modernization and development.

The products of BioTech Rosva are ideal for a wide range of applications – food processing, textile and chemical industry, medicine, cosmetics, pulp and paper and agricultural facilities. During producing exclusively high-quality raw materials from the best suppliers are used, thereby allowing to ensure a full production cycle.