BioTech Rosva Extends Commercial Line


While the whole world is fighting the epidemic, BioTech Rosva has launched the production of a new product – wheat fructose concentrate (WFC).

This is a unique product that has no analogues in Russia, a highly purified concentrate created specifically for use in the production by fermentation.

We offer you a test batch of fructose wheat concentrate at a nice price for approbation in your production. For our part and from the research institute, we are ready to provide the necessary materials and support during the testing period.

Wheat fructose concentrate is recommended for:

  • production of fruit wine materials and fruit wines;
  • production of wine drinks;
  • enrichment of fresh fruit musts when obtaining fruit wine materials with residual sugar;
  • sweetening in the production of semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet fruit wines.

Its Benefits:

  • wheat product (non-GMO) and conforms to isotopic ranges;
  • due to the high content of fructose, which has the highest sweetness coefficient among sugars, its consumption during sweetening is 30% less;
  • the fermentation process is intensified due to the absence of the need for preliminary splitting of sucrose into glucose and fructose;
  • increases the safety of the wine product by reducing by 30-40% the content of methanol and fusel oils formed during the fermentation process;
  • organoleptic indicators are improved, including taste, harmony, duration of aftertaste with a bright fruity aroma (tones);
  • the amount of WFC required to achieve the characteristic organoleptic characteristics of semi-sweet and sweet wines is, on average, 1.3-1.5 times less compared to the amount of granulated sugar required to obtain similar taste characteristics.

The launch of WFC production is the next step in the implementation of the BioTech Rosva development strategy in the food ingredients market. There are no enterprises in Russia that are engaged in the manufacture of this products, while its potential is significant. So, the new product is already in high demand, the first batches have already been shipped to customers from Russia, there are orders for delivery outside the Russian Federation.

BioTech Rosva once again confirmed its status as a leader in the production of food ingredients in Russia and a dynamically developing company.

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