Mayor’s visit to the factory


The Mayor of the city of Kaluga, Konstantin Gorobtsov, met with representatives of Biotechnological Complex – Rosva JSC and discussed with them the interaction of the investment company with the city administration. The investor of Biotechnological Complex – Rosva JSC Lev Chernoy and Director General of the company Vladimir Gromovik attended the meeting.

They introduced the Mayor to the activities of the enterprise and spoke about long-term plans. Biotechnological complex – Rosva JSC is aimed at integrated development – from wheat growing to its deep processing. The volume of grain processing after the enterprise reaches full production capacity will be 250 thousand tons of wheat per year, and the total investment in the future will be about 30 billion rubles. It is supposed to grow grain, including in their own areas. The production will launch manufacture of gluten, starch, glucose-fructose syrup, glucose monohydrate, sorbitol, and feed additives for various sectors of the national economy. Most of these products are imported into Russia today. All processes at the facility are environmentally friendly, waste-free and energy-efficient. Konstantin Gorobtsov expressed serious interest in the successful development of this project, which is important for the economy of Kaluga.

“Our city is an innovative center where unique projects are already being developed and implemented that contribute to the development of the national economy,” the mayor said. “At the same time, agricultural enterprises are also operating in our country. Therefore, we support modern innovative industries that create new jobs and contribute to the development of the economy of Kaluga. Biotechnological complex – Rosva JSC may well create a serious incentive both for the development of agriculture in the suburban area, and for entry of new small and medium businesses for processing products manufactured by the plant.”

Konstantin Gorobtsov accepted the offer of the management of Biotechnological Complex – Rosva JSC to visit the enterprise in order to get acquainted with the activities carried out therein.

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