Beware of Counterfeit Products


We value your trust and our business reputation. To minimize the risks of receiving poor-quality products, we highly recommend to buy them directly from BioTech Rosva – purchase from the manufacturer guarantees high quality and product authenticity!

We’d like to remind you that:

1. BioTech Rosva has neither responsibility nor obligations when using counterfeit products;

2. The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes administrative and criminal liability for trademark violations and counterfeiting.

Please also pay attention to the main features that allow to distinguish original BioTech Rosva products from fakes.

  • Labeling

Read CAREFULLY shipping documentation. All products manufactured by BioTech Rosva are marked: product information, logo, address and contact details of BioTech Rosva are printed (and cannot be removed) on labels or in accompanying documents (pallet sheet, liner).

  • Packaging

When packing, we use branded multi-layer bags, which are safely sealed, thus ensuring strength for further transportation.

  • Certificate of Analysis

For each batch of products, the BioTech Rosva laboratory issues a Certificate of Analysis of the stipulated type. Each CoA has an unique number, stored in our database, and is a guarantee of high quality.

For our part, we use all possible resources in order to protect our brand image and reputation of a reliable partner and prevent illegal actions, and any suggestions and information that may be useful to BioTech Rosva in countering the counterfeit products and fighting against unscrupulous suppliers would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any doubts about the product authenticity or CoA, as well as about the quality of products manufactured by BioTech Rosva, please contact us (and indicate the CoA number), by e-mail / via the feedback form, or call us by phone +7 (4842) 21 00 50.

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