Forecast on the grain harvest in 2021


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation confirmed the assessment of the grain harvest in Russia, that is expected to be more than 123 million tons by year end, said the head of the ministry Dmitry Patrushev during a meeting in the State Duma of the Russian Federation with deputies of the United Russia faction.

“In general, we expect to collect more than 123 million tons of grain in net weight, about 23 million tons of oilseeds, about 40 million tons of sugar beets, as well as 7 million tons of vegetables and more than 6.7 million tons of potatoes in the formal sector,” Patrushev said.

The Minister stressed that the volume of the harvest which has already been obtained satisfies in full the needs of the Russian market. Ensuring stability in the food market is a key focus of the ministry’s activity.

Speaking about price regulation, Patrushev noted the mechanism of a “floating” export duty on grain makes it possible to keep domestic prices below world ones. He also said that in the first half of next year it was planned to introduce a tariff quota for the export of grain with a limit for the export of wheat which will be determined based on the total harvest and export growth.

He also noted that stable prices in the Russian market make it possible to maintain restraining duties on the export of sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans, as well as a damper duty on the export of sunflower oil.

Last year Russia had the second largest grain harvest in its history: the gross harvest of grain amounted to 133.465 million tons, wheat – to 85.896 million tons. The record harvest was collected in 2017 with 135.539 million tons of grain, including 86.003 million tons of wheat. Next year, the implementation of the state program will begin, aimed at bringing more agricultural lands under cultivation and melioration; according to the plan, its financing for the first three years will amount to RUB 94.3 billion.

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