We are for Careful Attitude to Nature


In the modern world, respect for nature shall be a basic foundation of any business, because the health of people and the living conditions of future generations depend on the state of the environment.

That is why the management of BioTech Rosva makes significant efforts to minimize the negative impact on nature. The company’s activities in the field of ecology are based on the legislation of the Russian Federation and international standards.

Social responsibility and environmental safety are at the heart of the corporate programs that we initiate and support.

As part of its environmental activities, the Company implements projects and initiatives (for example, collecting used batteries), ensures a closed production cycle, which guarantees no emissions into the environment, and the employees actively participate in subbotniks (traditional cleaning days) and other socially significant events.

So, in early April, the employees of the Complex organized a spring cleaning. All key persons of our Company were at the forefront! Together we cleaned the territory inside the plant and outside its perimeter. Whilst there is dry grass everywhere, everything is still yellow and gray, our territory is clean and tidy – it’s nice to walk around.

Also, BioTech Rosva, as one of the leading manufacturers of food ingredients from wheat, strives for leadership in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. The safety of technological production processes and protecting of the life and health of workers are our top priorities.

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