Vital Wheat Gluten

Dry wheat gluten is beige to light brown powder with a dough-like taste and sweet grain smell. It is important for a range of technological applications from supporting the baking performances of leavened products to the development of new food protein ingredients and other biomaterials. The past five decades have seen the rise of gluten as a commodity in its own right, through the large-scale industrial separation of gluten from starch, together with the controlled drying processes to retain its functional properties. The resulting vital gluten is most widely used in bakery products. However, new technologies are being increasingly explored to modify the structure and thus the functionality of this unique protein ingredient to provide a range of functional properties at a more modest price than its competitors such as milk and  soy proteins.

It is made from environmentally friendly wheat and is a product of deep processing of grain, obtained as a result of a complex, especially sparing protein structure of the production and technological process. It is obtained by hydrating wheat flour and mechanically working the sticky mass to separate the gluten from the starch and other flour components.

Wheat gluten is a natural complex of water-insoluble and saline solutions of groups of protein substances, isolated as an independent fraction by separation, followed by grinding and drying of the product in a way that preserves the natural properties of the protein.

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