General Information

Wheat Quality

First of all, the quality of grain begins from the field and is ensured by the technologies of wheat cultivation. That’s why we purchase wheat raw material from reliable and approved suppliers with a highly organized on-farm control. Next raw materials undergo obligatory quality control in our modern laboratory and are stored in an elevator complex equipped with high-tech equipment.

The quality of grain is regulated by standards. BioTech Rosva JSC prefers raw materials that meet the requirements of GOST 9353-2016 “Intergovernmental standard. Wheat. Technical specifications” and the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 015/2011 “On grain safety”.

Meschovskaya Agrofirm

Meschovskaya Agrofirm holds leading positions among representatives of the grain market of Kaluga region and actively developing companies. It is a fast growing, modern agribusiness enterprise that implements best practices of wheat cultivation, thus improving crop yields from season to season.

Currently, the Company cultivates more than 15 thousand hectares of land and works with modern highly efficient equipment from renowned manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Also, a modern technological base to maintenance of equipment is under construction.

For 5 years of its activity, Agrofirm Meshchovskaya has achieved significant targets in the region: it’s ranked number one in gross grain harvest and number two – for yields.

Elevator Complex

The elevator complex of BioTech Rosva is not only the largest in Kaluga region, but also ultramodern: it was constructed with the latest world’s trends and innovative solutions and meets both technical and environmental requirements.

The grain storage site with a capacity of 200 thousand tons offers a wide range of services for processing of wheat: cleaning, drying, storage. It is equipped with points for accepting / unloading grain from vehicles, cleaning and drying units, where it is able to accept for storage, as well as assure grain quality in accordance with the parameters necessary for further sale or release to production.

A strategic geographic location of the Complex (150 km from Moscow) near the main transport routes provides convenient and comfortable transporting in all directions.