Wheat Feed Mixture

Wheat feed mixture is a by-product of flour milling, consisting of ground casings of wheat grains and a certain amount of mealy substances and wheat germ.

It is a modern and high-quality product, demanded by the market, has significant advantages over other types of bran, namely:

  • a long shelf life (6 months from the date of production) and increased product safety (during production, mixture is subjected to additional heat treatment with steam and compacted, which reduces the effect of yeast and molds, the level of contamination);
  • high loading density, making it easy to transport the product over long distances;
  • reduced dust formation (reduction of explosion and fire hazard, convenience when feeding animals);
  • lower storage volumes compared to the source material;
  • product form to choose from is suitable for feeding both small animals (rabbits) and large (cattle, pigs, horses).

Wheat feed mixture is one of the healthiest and most widely used ingredients in animal feed worldwide. Wheat seed husk is the thin outer shell or husk. Judging by the nutritional value, this bran is unique as animal feed additive.

There are some special health benefits. The product has special water absorption capacity. That is why it has a special role in eliminating constipation of cattle. It also contains balanced amino acids and sufficient amount of special type of phosphorus which can be easily absorbed by the cow rumen. The most important feature of this product is that it contains non-starchy carbohydrates which do not produce excess acid in beef, which corn does.

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