Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate, also known as D-glucose, is a sugar that’s a stable, odorless, white crystalline powder or colorless crystal. It is the fundamental monomer of all starchy products. It is classified chemically as a monosaccharide and characterised by high microbiological purity.

It is a high-calorie product, easily assimilated by the organism, it energizes and strengthens the heart’s pumping action. Dextrose is economically priced and safe for consumption on a regular basis.

It is extensively used in food industry and can provide support in replacing sucrose in baking, dairy products, canned products, chewing gum and preserves. It is easy to digest and safe to consume. The presence of dextrose also supports keeping powdered beverage drinks free flowing. This product is capable of promoting growth of yeast, producting air and driving browning reaction of crust which improves taste.


  • in the production of baked goods, candy and gum, creams and frozen dairy products (like some ice-creams and frozen yogurts), alcoholic beverages, jarred and canned foods.
  • as energy food by convalescing patient, sportsperson, children, etc. and known to give instant energy and vigour.
  • in fruit and vegetable processing to help keep them fresh. It’s also used in dehydration.
  • as a preservative as it doesn’t alter the natural flavor of the food, especially compared to using sugar, another useful preservative.
  • nearly identical to glucose, which is found in our body comes. There are various sources for dextrose but we manufacture from wheat.

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