Successful audit according to Halal standards


We are pleased to announce that in December 2020, BioTech Rosva received a positive conclusion based on the results of the annual inspection of production for compliance with the requirements of the Halal standard, conducted by experts of CenterHalalNadzor LLC.

The company has been issued an international certificate for the range of products, confirming that the production cycle meets the requirements of voluntary certification according to the canons of Islam.

The Halal certificate expands the horizons for export, development of new markets and allows more consumers from around the world to get acquainted with BioTech Rosva products.

For many of us, the word “Halal” is invariably associated with Muslim traditions and Muslim food, but in fact, such products are suitable not only for Muslims – this is a real find for everyone who appreciates high quality and a healthy lifestyle!

The basic principle of the production of halal products is that a halal product shall be exceptionally healthy and clean, without causing absolutely no harm to a human.

The requirements for the quality of halal products are very strict – it should not contain not only ingredients canonically prohibited by Islam, but also any GMO components, as well as a number of chemical flavoring additives, including such “controversial” additives , as harmful dyes or all kinds of flavor enhancers.

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